Jetpack Guy at San Francisco Giants Game

Jetlev made national headlines on Wednesday, June 13th when an unnamed jetpack pilot was spotted flying around in McCovey Cove outside AT&T Park in
San Francisco during what turned out to be a historic game between the Giants and the Houston Astros. Little did the pilot know, the game made national
headlines on its own when pitcher Matt Cain threw a perfect game, only the 22nd ever in Major League Baseball history.
Jetpack Guy flying in San Francisco

 It’s not often that the story of a perfect game is rivaled by something outside the stadium, but all eyes were on the water during his first inning
fly-by rather than on the mound, since it’s not every day that you see something like that in “real life”. Little do people know, the age of the jetpack
has arrived! The Jetlev water-powered jetpack is now available for rent and purchase. Jetlev Southwest offers both at their Newport Beach headquarters
and there are flight centers popping up all over the world. Over the coming months and years, the sight of a jetpack will become commonplace, yet still
always impressive and attention-grabbing. You can be the first one on your block to fly one or, better yet, own one. Call Jetlev Southwest at (888)
553-6471 for more information. If you want to get your fill of the media coverage, take a look at any of the following links: Yahoo Sports  Huffington Post  SB Nation  NBC News

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