Jetpack FAIL!


Our most embarrassing video has gone viral once again!

Millions have seen it, but very few know the real story behind the clip.

About 3 years ago, the founder of Jetpack America, John Morris, took part in a live news broadcast to help promote the San Diego annual Boat show.
Well, it did not go as planned. The Fox 5 news reporter stood by as John prepared for take-off from the platform. However, John accidentally bumped
into the reporter, knocking off his ignition key, which cut the power and sent him face-first into the water! Fortunately he recovered quickly
and then powered up the jetpack in the water up and shot into the sky to save the segment.


This video brought a lot of attention to Jetpack America (then Jetlev Southwest), which played to our advantage! The phones immediately began ringing
off the hook; people wanted to try this crazy contraption they had just seen on live television! In the end, there is no such thing as bad press!
This popular blooper video from a few years ago has again re-surfaced.


Major Instagram and Twitter accounts that are know for posting funny videos and pictures, such as @F*** and @Beigecardigan, have all been re-posting
this hilarious video of our CEO. Watch the water jetpack fail for yourself and let us know what you think

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