Jetpack America’s New and Improved Flight Packages and Booking Engine

Jetpack America's New Booking Engine


In today’s technology-driven society, convenience and ease-of-use are what the world demands and we here at Jetpack America understand this, which is why
we’ve implemented a new and improved booking engine to make booking your next jetpack or jetboard flight even easier on


We’ve streamlined our booking process down from a multi-page, multi-click, multi-entry slog to a slim and sleek process that can be completed in just a
few clicks, which will generate beautiful, easy-to-read confirmation and reminder emails.


Here are just a few of the benefits of the new system…


New (and Better Value) Flight Packages

To simplify our flight packages for first-time and returning pilots, we’ve consolidated our list of available packages with easy-to-understand package

  • -10-Minute Flight for 1-4 People (Tandem/Returning Pilot)
  • -20-Minute Flight for 1-4 People (Jetpack or Jetboard)
  • -30-Minute Flight for 1-4 People (Jetpack or Jetboard)
  • -40-Minute Flight for 1-4 People (Jetpack AND Jetboard)
  • -60-Minute Flight for 1-4 People (Jetpack AND Jetboard)

For those who purchased 15 or 25-minute flight packages previously, those packages will be upgraded to 20 and 30-minute flights respectively.


In addition to the extra time, we also now offer reduced pricing for each additional person that is added to your reservation. For example, the 20-Minute
Flight for 1 Person is $179, for 2 People is $170 per person, for 3 People is $161 per person, for 4 People is $152 per person, and so on.


For groups of 5 or more, please call our office at (888) 553-6471 or contact us via our Online Chat and we will make the booking for you, with the discounted


Jetpack and Jetboard Flights

We now offer jetboard flights at all three Jetpack America locations and any of our flight packages, including any pre-purchased flight time, can be used
for jetboard flights, so come give it a try, if you haven’t already. The feedback we get from most people who fly the jetboard is the following…


  • 1) It’s easier than they expected.
  • 2 )It feels much more “free” flying the board, since you aren’t strapped into the pack.
  • 3) It’s a completely different exhilaration, but equally as fun (some people even like it better than the pack).

Our 40 and 60-Minute flights can be split between both jetpack and jetboard, so you can try them both back to back, which is really the best way to go!


Streamlined Booking Process

The process to start your booking remains the same…simply click the Book Now link at the top of the Jetpack America website, but from there you’ll
be able to quickly navigate through the process:


  • -Location Page
  •    – Pick your Flight Location
  • -Activity Package Page
  •    – Pick your Flight Package
  • -Booking Details Page
  •    – Pick your Flight Date
  •    – Pick your Flight Time (No more slow page loads and endless scrolling)
  •    – Enter your Contact Info (Name and Email)
  • -Review Booking Page
  •    – Review Booking and Add any Additional Services (Videos or Photos)
  •    – Enter Credit Card Info (or enter Coupon Code)
  • -Additional Info Page
  •    – Enter Phone Number and How You Heard About Us
  • -Waiver Page
  •    – Review and Sign the Waiver

Once you complete the simple, five-minute process, you’ll receive an immediate confirmation of your flight (no more waiting until our office staff confirms)
in a clean, easy-to-read email with all the pertinent pre-flight info.


Gift Certificates

If you’re looking to give the gift of flight, the process is even faster and easier now, with an instant gift certificate email sent either directly to
the recipient or to your email address to be printed and presented later, then the certificate can be easily redeemed on the website using the system-generated
gift certificate code.


Securely-Stored Payment Information

No need to bring a credit card or cash on the day of your flight. Our new system securely stores your payment information in our encrypted database, so
you can easily add services, such as videos, photos, return flights and Jetpack America apparel and we’ll simply add it to your booking record for
instant payment with the click of a button.


Online Chat

As some of you may have already noticed, we now offer Online Chat on the Jetpack America website, which gives you one more way to get a hold of our office
staff, so if you ever have a question, please feel free to click open a chat window and we’ll usually respond within one minute (if we’re tied up in
the office and unable to get back to you immediately, we’ll follow up with an email to make sure your questions get answered).


Jetpack America is proud to be the leader in the hydroflight industry and customer service, safety and experience are our top priority, so we’re excited
to hear your feedback on these latest advancements in our operation.


As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email, phone, text or chat to tell us what you think!


Thank you,

Dean O’Malley

Jetpack America



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