Jetpack American Pride


    Wow, it’s already July! Which means prime jetpacking season is in full swing. In the past, we’ve done some pretty awesome VIP events exclusively
for our jetpack members during the summer. One of the most popular events from the past was the 4th of July boat parade flying event, where
we would fly the jetpack during the parade. In Newport Beach, the city puts on an annual boat parade, where everyone decks out their boats with American
pride gear and tours around the harbor for everyone to see. For the past 3 years, Jetpack America has used their own pontoon boat with the jetpack
sitting on top to enter into the parade.


    Employees and monthly members of Jetpack America piled onto the pontoon boat to each get a chance to strap on the jetpack with
an American flag attached, and fly simultaneously with the fellow boaters, ultimately putting on the most dramatic water show. This VIP event was for
our experienced members only, but it was always such a hit! We would have loved to do it again this year, but this time we will be watching from the
outskirts of the turning basin, teaching new jetpackers how to fly on this glorious holiday. All our employees plan to be decked out in American attire
head to toe as they work on the water this 4th of July, so make sure to shout out some love or beep your horn as you boat or drive by! 


jetpack american flag

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