Jetpack America Voted to Best of San Diego List by San Diego Magazine

Jetpack America was voted to the Best of San Diego list in 2013 by San Diego Magazine, proving that jetpacks are a perfect fit for the fun-loving, active locals and the adventure-seeking tourists alike. 
Check out the blog post by staff writer Carli Leavitt, which shows how Jetpack America earned a top spot on the list after just a few months in operation in San Diego: 

Have you ever dreamed of flying like a superhero and soaring effortlessly through the air? Well, if you have, your dreams can come true with Jetpack America San Diego! The incredible new Jetlev water-propelled flight technology has landed on San Diego’s Mission Bay and it is quickly becoming one of the coolest things to do in San Diego!

This new technology is only available to the public in 30 places around the world including Florida, New Zealand and San Diego! Lucky for me, I was invited to come try out this new  San Diego water sport and after one flight lesson – I was hooked!

I’ll admit, I was a little nervous when I first arrived at Jetpack America. I had seen the videos of people flying over water and soaring through the air, but I’m a little accident prone and wasn’t sure how this whole experience would go. As I started watching the flight lesson video, I found myself paying close attention to the safety instructions and then realized, there was absolutely nothing to worry about. The water-propelled Jetpack is set up with an easy off-switch attached to the riders wrist, so if at any time I wanted it to stop, I simply had to move my arm a few inches away from the handle and the Jetpack would be turned off. The staff members at Jetpack America were awesome. They noticed I was a little nervous and helped calm my nerves and pump up the excitement. Once the video was over, my nerves were gone and I couldn’t wait to get out on the water to try it out. After a quick lesson on a stationary Jetpack, I was ready to go!

Jetpack America sets up the schedule so guests can view the preceding flight to get a feel for what is going to happen. I was able to spend about 20 minutes watching the flight lesson before mine, all the while enjoying the stunning view of Mission Bay and breathing in the beauty of San Diego while I geared up for my flight. Once it was my turn, I put my wetsuit on, strapped on my helmet and hopped in the water. For your first flight with Jetpack America, an instructor controls the throttle, but you control the direction of the Jetpack. Lucky for me, I have had ongoing dreams about flying through the air, so when it came to controlling the Jetpack, I was a natural.

The throttle started with a slight push and I was off. My helmet speakers kept me in touch with my instructor, Dean, via radio as he prepped me for each maneuver. He was sure to pay close attention to the speed and height I wanted to try for the entire 25 minutes. I also had another Jetpack America team member on a Jetski in the water filming and helping out along the way. As I was gliding through air and water, up and down, side to side, I couldn’t wipe the ear to ear grin off my face. I felt completely free and was literallyhaving the time of my life.

Dean let me try some fun tricks like walking on water, a submarine dive where I dove the Jetpack underwater for a few seconds and then flew into the air, and a hover height of about 20ft. It was an amazing experience and there is absolutely nothing like it. As I was flying around the bay, a few small watercrafts stopped by to watch the show and cheer me on. It was a cool environment and the incredible staff, awesome technology and beautiful views of the water in San Diego made the entire experience unforgettable.

As my flight was winding down, I realized I was completely hooked. I didn’t want to take the Jetpack off and as I headed home, flight certification in hand, all I could think about was the next time I could fly with Jetpack America. For a unique and fun thing to do in San Diego, there is absolutely nothing like it. It’s an opportunity to fly effortlessly over Mission Bay, take in beautiful views of San Diego and try out a new water sport unlike anything else.

The Jetpack technology has been in the making for about ten years, but just recently became available to the public. Thrill seekers and flight lovers can buy their own water propelled Jetpack for upwards of $70,000 or they can take a flight lesson and get in on the fun for an affordable cost with Jetpack America, right here in San Diego!

Book a flight with Jetpack America TODAY for an experience you won’t forget!

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