Staff Corner: Val in Newport












The Jetpack America crew is ready to help many more pilots realize their dream of flying high in the sky. We are beyond grateful to have the opportunity
of expanding our connections with individuals from around the world. We meet amazing people from across the globe almost every day at our flight centers
in Newport Beach, San Diego and Las Vegas.


2016 is going to be a year full of growth and progress as we continue to learn more about hydroflight and how to get as many people to realize their dream
of personal fight.

The trust and support our customers bring every flight is the strongest reason for our success throughout the years. As the jetpacking community continues
to grow, so has the myriad of skills and tricks we can teach our customers. A special thank you to our monthly club members for becoming a part of
our jetpack cadre. We look forward to adding more people to our growing hydroflight family this year.


Lastly a shout out to our Jetpack America crew that has transformed within the past year. As we say goodbye to some and hello to others, it’s easy to see
the contributions each member has provided to the company and it’s growing numbers of customers. Our company is still growing and our crew is the founding
reason we have continued to make the dream of flying come true!


Here’s to an amazing 2016. See you in the sky!


– Val



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