Jetpack America Referral Program – Earn FREE Jetpack Flight Time

Want to score some FREE Jetpack flight time? I can’t think of anyone who would pass up an opportunity to fly for FREE! All you have to do to get your returning flight time is refer your friends to come out for a flight. With your referral, your friends will get $50 off their flight and you will receive 10 minutes of returning flight time. It is as simple as that! Make sure your friend mentions your name when they purchase so we can credit it to your account.

We are also extending this awesome offer to anyone who would like to purchase a Gift Certificate for a loved ones Birthday, Anniversary, or other special occasion. Click HERE to make your purchase and use the discount code REFERRAL to recieve $50 off your purchase AND 10 minutes of flying time. It’s a WIN WIN for everyone.!

Just think of all the amazing new tricks you will learn when you come back for your FREE flight time including 30-foot hovers, 360 helicopter spins, backwards flying, corkscrews, backflips.

Check out this awesome video to see some of the tricks that will take your Jetpack flight skills to the next level!


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