Roadtrip Nation comes to Newport Beach to fly jetpacks!

Several kids from the East Coast jumped aboard the bright green Roadtrip Nation bus to see what kind of job opportunities might suit them out on the West
Coast. Jetpack Flight Center owner/operator just so happened to be on their list of possible future careers! 


All three of these recent college grads showed up to our door step nervous, yet very excited. We were just as excited as they were to teach them how to
fly and how to possibly start their own Jetpack company in the future! 


Click here to watch the full episode (make
sure to open in Google Chrome).  There’s also a private interview with Dean O’Malley, the president of Jetpack America, here. Do you want to start your own Jetpack business?! Look into our Business Opportunities for
information on income potential and on how to launch this unique business opportunity.



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