Jetpack America Featured on Visit California Ad

Jetpack America was honored to be asked to be part of the new Visit California Dream Big ad campaign,
which was shot in various iconic locations around the great state of California. For the jetpack segment, we launched our jetpacks at 4am on San Diego
Bay for a half-day shoot with the San Diego downtown skyline as the backdrop.

Jetpack America staffer and up-and-coming model/actress Johnnie Cartwright wowed the producers with her effortless flight skills and her California blonde
hair and good looks, so she was a natural choice for the jetpack segment. Enduring hundreds of takes and a variety of different moves and angles, Johnnie
was professional from start to finish, demonstrating her commanding control of the jetpack and her endurance to get the perfect shots for the commercial.

When the commercial finally aired on October 21st, we were extremely pleased to see Johnnie’s flying featured not once or twice, but three times
in the minute-long commercial. Take a look here to see the finished product:

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