Jetpack America Featured Live on CW6 in San Diego


We were very excited to welcome the CW6, San Diego news team to our Jetpack America rental location at Mission Bay Sportcenter. They were doing segments
on some of the awesome things that San Diego has to offer to people visiting during spring break. At the top of that list, is a fun-filled day flying
our FlyDive X-Board! Check out how much fun the CW6 crew had with us, by clicking on the pic or link above.



We agree that being in-and-on (and above) the water in Mission Bay is pretty much as good as it gets! Our new parent company saw that as a huge perk, too,
which is one of the reaons they acquired us in early 2017. Jetpack
America has been San Diego’s premiere hydroflight rental operation for years now, located right in the heart of Mission Bay. The flight schedule is
already starting to fill up with people looking for a fun and exciting way to kick-off spring. The Jetpack America spring special will get you flying
for as little as $99. You can book your San Diego X-Board flight HERE.


We can’t wait to add another 1000 happy customers to the Jetpack America family this year. People will have the chance to fly the X-Board at our rental
operations in Las Vegas and San Diego, and now in Texas at our sister location with The FlyDive dealer network runs across the country, so you can also find a place
fly, if you are not near one of our flight locations. You can book flights through our two rental companies at (Texas rentals) and (Las Vegas and San Diego rentals).


Going out for flight rentals with your friends and family for one day is fun…but, having your own FlyDive X-Board can truly make this a
summer to remember. We are having a spring sale right now and you’d be surprised at how affordable the complete hydroflight kit is. Click HERE to go to our shop!


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