Jetpack America Announces New Partnership with X-Jetpacks

Great news for jetpack enthusiasts!

As promised, Jetpack America has been working around the clock to formalize the relationship with our new manufacturer and we’re pleased to announce our partnership with X-Jetpacks, which means we now have access to jetpack units that are ready to be shipped to virtually any location around the world!

Here’s a quick rundown of the product, the company and the availability.

Equipment Overview

The new H3X Jetpack has taken all of the jet ski-attachable jetpack technology and improved on every area:

o   Improved comfort in the seat/saddle (for those of you who’ve flown the Jetlev, you know how important this is)

o   Improved buoyancy in the pack to keep pilots floating in an upright position

o   6-point harness system with simple, fail-proof latch

o   Completely smooth Y-Pipe channels to eliminate turbulence and cavitation

o   52-foot hose assembly, giving a max flying height of over 40 feet

o   Modified padding for shoulder straps for increased comfort

o   Strengthened clamping system for hose attachments

o   Flexible U-pipe to reduce stress on jet ski water pump

o   Engineering grade thermoplastic torsion bar, which is virtually unbreakable

o   Pilot throttle system (currently in design – release date to be announced)

Company and Management

X-Jetpacks was started when the inefficiencies at Jetlev were noticed, which created a void in the market that needed to be filled. Based in Shanghai and run by management with experience in action sports manufacturing in China over the past two decades, X-Jetpacks has established a mature design and delivery process, allowing them to have units in stock ready for delivery at all times (very different from the endless delivery delays from Jetlev).


From payment to delivery, the current lead time is approximately 7-10 days. Due to Jetlev’s intellectual property patent, direct US delivery cannot be made, but units can be easily drop-shipped through a third-party shipping company, such as DHL (details of this process can be provided upon request). With any purchase, an $850 shipping credit is included in the price to facilitate international delivery.

Our Hawaii flight center recently ordered their first unit, which arrived on schedule after one week, and it’s currently in use flying 20+ customers a day.


Current retail price is $9499 in the Americas and $9995 in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Before we announce the availability of the units on our website and social media, we’re making them available with a $500 credit to our valued clients (that means you!), so you can get a unit delivered for just $8999/$9495. When we launch on the website later this month, the prices will increase to the current MSRP.


There are currently 17 units that are ready to ship today, with another 20 units waiting for the delivery of rubber hose, which should be ready to ship in about a week. After these units, the next production run of 100 units will be available to ship in late July.


For those of you looking to open commercial operations, we can complete your pilot and instructor training at either of our California flight centers. Inquire for details.


We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service and support, so we will act as your single point of contact for all of your jetpack needs (operations, parts, maintenance, etc.). You can always call our toll-free number or my cell number directly, both of which are below.


If you are interested in placing an order for one of these units, please contact Dean O’Malley at

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