Jetlev Southwest Mailing List – Membership has its privileges

So you you’ve checked the website, liked our Facebook page, and even followed us on Twitter. If you’re ready to join the “inner circle” and get the best deals and offers, the last step is to join our mailing list. When it comes to major announcements, our mailing list subscribers are the first group that we alert. Whether it’s the arrival of a new unit at our Newport Beach headquarters, the opening of a new flight center in some new exotic location around the world (Grand Cayman is the next location in the works), or record-breaking attempt by one of our instructors, or a hot-off-the-presses deal that we have not yet released to the public, our subscribers will always be the first group to know, so they’ll always be first in line to snatch up any limited-time-only offers.

Since we understand everyone’s concerns with sharing information, even if it’s just an email address, we want to point out a few things:

1) We will never, ever sell you email address to any third party. We respect your privacy and hate spammers as much as the next guy, so we would never do that to our most faithful followers.

2) We will not bombard you with nonstop emails. While we use our mailing list to alert you to big news and offers, we understand that you already probably get thousands of emails, so we choose the less is more strategy and typically only send about one email a month on average, so hopefully it’s a pleasant surprise when you see Jetlev Southwest pop up in your inbox rather than a “Geez, not them again” moment.

3) We will always do our best to keep our emails short and sweet. We know that everyone’s time is limited these days, so we’ll get to the point with our emails to let you know why we’re reaching out to you. The only “fluff” we may include will be a Video of the Month or a cool new photo gallery to share.

4) If you ever get bored of the emails, you can always unsubscribe with a single click. We hate to see people go, but we understand that people need to manage their inbox traffic.

As always, we appreciate everyone’s support and we hope to see everyone up in the sky very soon.

Here’s the link, if you’d like to subscribe:

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