Jetlev Southwest is becoming Jetpack America – The Evolution Continues

Jetlev Southwest is becoming Jetpack America. Over the next few months, you’ll start to see the new name popping up all over the place. Our newest flight center in San Diego has been branded as Jetpack America since Day One, with the Grand Opening scheduled for Saturday, April 6th. Our Newport Beach and Honolulu locations will slowly adopt the new name and the website will be redirected to the new website address ( 

For the time being, the company will operate under both names, Jetlev Southwest and Jetpack America, but the Jetlev Southwest name will slowly be phased out in favor of Jetpack America, starting with apparel, stickers, signage, forms, email addresses, etc. 

You can expect the same level of customer service and the same amazing flight experiences. The new Jetpack America name simply better reflects our business as a nationwide and worldwide company as opposed to one that simply operates in the Southwest. With customers coming from around the world, the Jetpack America name is an easily identifiable brand that clearly conveys our mission to provide top-notch jetpack flight experiences

We sincerely appreciate our customers who have been a part of our first 18 months and we look forward to everyone being part of the next phase of the company. As the jetpack industry and the jetpack itself evolve, we expect to see explosive growth as the nation and world take notice! 

When you’re ready to book your flight at any of our flight centers, visit our Shop page to purchase your flight time, then you can use our Online Scheduler to view availability in all of our locations and schedule your flight time. 

See you in the sky!!
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