Jetlev Southwest in Newport Beach Magazine

Here’s the post from the May-June issue of Newport Beach Magazine:
Jetlev Southwest brings a whole new experience to the idyllic yacht-crowded waters of Newport Harbor that will blow your mind and blow you straight out of the water itself.
Brave participants will strap on the jetpack contraption, which uses water from the harbor to push the adventurer across, above and out of the water to heights of up to 30 feet and speeds of 35 mph!
Each session includes a safety-training seminar, an individual operating lesson from one of the instructors, approximately 30-45 minutes of flying time in the jetpack and even the option to record a high-definition video of the flying experience. All training and communication during the flight occurs directly between the flier and the instructor, with a headset built into the helmet to make sure no one misses a beat. The jetpack is powered by an engine built into a modified personal watercraft that is attached to the jetpack itself, allowing fliers to focus strictly on thrust, steering and having a blast. (888-553-6471;”
The journalists have taken notice. Isn’t it time you took the next step and booked your flight? You can now try it out for as little as $159!

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