Jetlev on CNN

Katie Linendoll from CNN and Spike TV
Katie Linendoll, CNN’s on-air personality and tech expert, came out and flew with us on Thursday,
June 7th to see what the Jetlev Flight Experience is all about.
Despite some initial hesitation (some of it real, some of it hammed up for the camera), she got up and flew within her first ten minutes in the pack. The
whole thing was filmed by their camera crew, including a Behind the Scenes camera showing what goes into the shoots. During her report, she nailed all
of her facts…except one little tiny one about the cost of the Jetlev (she quoted it as “a thousand dollars” instead of “a hundred thousand dollars”…oops!).
In case you missed the segment on CNN, here it is for your viewing pleasure!
If you want to know how you can fly just like Katie, check out our Jetlev Flight Experiencepage, which gives you the low-down on how we can teach you to fly in a matter of minutes. Ready to pull the trigger? Book your flight now and you can be a jetpack pilot making the impossible possible too!

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