Jetlev, Iron Man and Jet Propulsion

We’ve felt like superheroes all along, but now it’s officially been confirmed. Flying the Jetlev R200 water-powered jetpack is the closest thing to being
Tony Stark from Iron Man.

                  Disney, which recently acquired Marvel Comics, has been doing segments on what real-life
activities are similar to the superpowers of their comic book heroes, such as Iron Man, Spider Man and the Hulk. On Sunday, May 20th, the Disney XD channel will air the Iron Man segment, where they discuss jet propulsion and the similarities between Tony Stark’s flying
suit of armor and the Jetlev R200 jetpack. Both offer personal flight, the
ability to launch from or land on a stationary spot, very agile controls, and the ability to amaze all who see them. The big difference between the two
is the fact that you don’t have to be a billionaire to fly the Jetlev, you just need to schedule your Jetlev Flight Experiencewith the Jetlev Southwest crew and they’ll have you up and flying in a matter of minutes (with hundreds of millions left over in the bank to buy your Tony
Stark mansion). Check out the segment here…

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