Jetlev Flyers Now Earn Double and Triple Miles

Frequent Flier Miles Jetlev Southwest has partnered with Offer Link to allow participating frequent flier program members to earn double and triple miles when they purchase Jetlev Flight Experiences, video packages, or apparel from Jetlev Southwest.
Members can now link to the Jetlev Southwest website via their frequent flier mile shopping malls, which highlight all of the businesses that provide double and triple miles when purchases are made using their program credit cards.
American Airlines AAdvantage eShopping Mall – Earn 3 miles for every dollar spent.
United Airlines Mileage Plus Shopping – Earn 2 miles for every dollar spent.
Priority Club Shopping – Earn 3 points for every dollar spent.
UPromise by Sallie Mae – Earn 3% on all purchases.
Shopping Fling – Earn 2 miles for every dollar spent.
So what are you waiting for? Come fly with us and you’ll be taking off even sooner for that next all-expenses paid trip thanks to all the extra miles and points you’ve racked up.
Want to earn even more miles, why not book your whole family? You’ll score a sweet group discount and tons of extra miles!
See you in the sky!

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