Jetlev Commercial Operators – Operator Eligibility Pack Now Available!

Ever since Jetlev Southwest officially opened its doors back in the summer of 2011, we’ve gotten countless inquiries from people and businesses interested in opening Jetlev Flight Centers to offer customers the opportunity to fly the one-of-a-kind Jetlev R200 Water Propelled Jetpack. On January 24th, Jetlev Technologies, Inc. released their Operator Eligibility Pack (OEP) to provide to potential commercial operators.

The Jetlev offers tremendous business opportunity for those who want to build a business around it or add it to their current offering of activities, but along with the uplift the Jetlev can offer, there are many important considerations before opening a commercial operation. These include training location, weather and water temperature averages, business flow, local government cooperation, financing availability, etc. If all of these aspects are carefully considered, the possibility of running a profitable Jetlev-based business goes up substantially.

Please refer to our Business Opportunities page for additional information and please submit a request for an OEP, if you’re interested in submitted an application to open a new operation.

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