Jetlev Cabo San Lucas – Coming Soon!

How would you like to fly the Jetlev with this view off in the distance? Not too bad, huh? Well, soon enough, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that. The Jetlev Cabo San Lucas flight center is currently in the works, so tourists and locals will have a chance to come out to fly the one-of-a-kind Jetlev R200 water-propelled jetpack. 

The operators of Cabo Submarine, who introduced the area to its first underwater tourist submarine experience in 2007, will be leading the way with the area’s first jetpack experience. Operating out of the Cabo San Lucas marina, the company will have great visibility with easy access to fly in front of all the major resorts in Bahia San Lucas. 

The opening date for the Cabo flight center is not yet set, but the goal is to have the Jetlev unit delivered before the end of December 2012, with a grand opening shortly after. 

Stay tuned to this blog and our Facebook page to get updates on the opening, so you can schedule your flight time during your next Cabo vacation. 

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