Jetlev at the Desert Storm Boat Races at Lake Havasu – April 26-29

For those of you living in Arizona or heading out to Lake Havasu for the Desert Storm High Performance Boat Races from April 26th to 29th, be sure to check out the new Jetlev R200, which will be on display and demoed throughout the weekend with reps on-site from Water Jetpack Adventure and Jetlev Southwest.

If you already own a high-performance race boat, why not add a new high-performance toy to your stable? The new Jetlev R200 model water jetpack hits a blazing top speed of 35mph, so not only can you hover and fly 30 feet up in the air, but you can fly across the lake at speeds rivaling many boats and jet skis.

The guys from Water Jetpack Adventure can get you signed up for a Jetlev Flight Experience so you can see what flying the Jetlev is all about and the reps from Jetlev Southwest can get you a purchase order, so you can be the first one of your friends on the lake to have your very own jetpack!

Drop us an email at if you’re interested in getting some more information. Otherwise, stop by our booth at the event to score some free Jetlev Bucks (in $25, $50 and $100 denominations) and enter to win a FREE Jetlev Flight Experience!

See you there!


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