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Why a Jet Pack Flight is “The Perfect Gift”

As the holiday season is upon us, it’s time to start thinking about gift giving. For some, it’s easy. You’ve been planning all year and you’ll probably
finish your shopping the day after Thanksgiving, aka Black Friday (if you haven’t finished already). For most though, it’s a stressful time of year,
where you wander aimlessly through the mall trying to find gifts for everyone on your list, staring at snow globes, zoning out in massage chairs, getting
lightheaded from smelling too many colognes/perfumes, fighting the urge to drown your shopping sorrows at Cinnabon…you know the feeling.

Thankfully, we’re here to help. Let us show you why a Jetpack Flight Gift Certificate is the perfect gift for the adventure lovers, the extreme athletes,
the fun-loving kids and everyone in between.

Where else can you learn to FLY in 15 minutes??

With our state-of-the-art training process, which incorporates pre-flight training video and in-office instruction followed by instructor-controlled throttle
and in-flight communication via walkie-talkie helmet, 95% of our customers are airborne in the first 5 minutes and most are performing advanced maneuvers
by the end of their 15-25 minute sessions, such as walking on water, no-handed flying, underwater submarines (a customer favorite), donut turns, etc.


Chances are, they’ve never gotten a jetpack flight as a gift

The sport of jetpacking has only been around for a few years and although its popularity has exploded recently, only a small slice of the population knows
what it is, much less experienced it. This means, you’re pretty much guaranteed that whoever you give the unique gift certificate to will be surprised
by it. And if you happen to find someone who’s actually done it, they’ve probably only flown one device (jetpack, jet board, etc.), so they’ll be excited
to try one of our other other offerings.


It’s not just for grown-ups anymore

Jetpack America now offers tandem jetpack flights for children as young as 5 years old and as small as 35 lbs, so it’s no longer just an activity for adrenaline-loving
adults. Every kid has a superhero fantasy, whether it’s Superman/Supergirl, Iron Man, Aqua Man or Silver Surfer. This is the easiest way to fulfill
those superhero dream at one of our flight centers (Newport Beach, San Diego, Las Vegas).


Literally everyone is welcome

We pride ourselves on making personal flight an exhilaration that’s available to EVERYONE, so if you have someone on your shopping list who may not be
the traditional “adrenaline junkie”, fear not. With over 25,000 customer flights, we are the most experienced jetpack flight operator in the world,
so rest assured we’ve seen it all: amputees, deaf customers, customers in their 80’s, paraplegics, autistic customers, etc. We have a passion for flying
and our goal is to share that passion with the world, no matter the circumstances.


We GUARANTEE they’ll have a good time

Since we opened in 2011, Jetpack America has prided itself on being the top jetpack flight center operator in the world. Now we offer an industry-leading
guarantee that puts this reputation on the line. The “Jetpack America Guarantee
provides peace of mind to our customers by promising an amazing experience from start to finish. If expectations aren’t met, we’ll offer you a chance
to come back again for free or provide a full refund. It’s as simple as that. So shop with confidence knowing that we stand behind everything that
we offer.


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