JESSE ORLANDO-Jetpack World Champion. Wild Man.


Jesse Orlando has been entertaining the people of San Diego for years. Not only is he a hilarious guy, but he also happens to be the world’s best Jetpack
pilot. As you can see in the video, Jesse pulls-off moves on the jetpack that not only has no one ever done, but that people didn’t even think were
possible. It’s not just his technical moves that make him the best, it’s that he is a born entertainer that brings his sense of style and humor to
the skies every time he straps on his Jetpack. He puts his skills to good use as a hydroflight instructor at Jetpack America San Diego.
If you are lucky enough to be under the age of 12 and under 100lbs, you can experience Jesse’s wild flying during a tandem flight where you fly with him. It’s not often that you get to ride shotgun with a world champion!






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