Introducing the new ROCKSTAR Flight Experience!

Looking for the all-inclusive, all-access VIP jetpack package? Well, look no further than our new ROCKSTAR Flight Experience, which will take you from novice to pro, with all the paparazzi video footage and swag to go along with it! 

This package includes a full 50 minutes of flight time (broken up into two flights to allow you the opportunity to take throttle control on the second flight), premium three-angle HD video package to help you go viral on YouTube, Jetlev t-shirt and hat to get you the proper gear to prove your jetpack pilot status, “My Other Car is a Jetpack” bumper sticker to style out your car, and Pilot Certificate to document your authenticity. Valued at over $750, it’ll be our little secret just what an amazing deal you actually got! 
If you’re ready to go from zero to HERO and show the world what you’ve got, check out our Flight Experience page to book your ROCKSTAR Flight Experience today. Or, if you’re looking to give the gift of a lifetime, be a Jetpack Santa and give it as a gift certificate to the favorite person in your life!

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