Hydroflight Device Comparison – Flyboard vs Jetblade vs X-Board vs Jetdeck

Jetboard Comparison Matrix


The hydroflight industry has grown quite a bit since its inception in 2012 and now there are numerous manufacturers making a variety of different jetboards with an assortment of features. In order to help you determine the right board for you, we’ve compiled this side-by-side jetboard comparison matrix, which shows the facts, figures and features of each of the major board options: The Flyboard Legend and Pro from
Zapata Racing, the Jetblade from X-Jets
, the X-Board from FlyDive and the Jetdeck from
Defy Waterflight


The good thing is that you can’t really go wrong with any of these boards, but sometimes having too many choices can be overwhelming, so hopefully seeing
all of the boards side-by-side will help narrow down your choices. While each rider may have different considerations when choosing a jetboard, we
tried to include the big ones, such as hose length and material, board weight, warranty and, of course, price, but we also wanted to include some of
the lesser-known characteristics, such as total number of parts, shipping method and bearing system. 


We compiled this information from the manufacturers’ websites and from various industry sources. We also sent direct inquiries to the manufacturer reps
to confirm the information (please keep in mind, not all manufacturers responded to our inquiries). If you see something you feel may be incorrect
or could be clarified or if you’d like us to add any additional fields to the matrix, please leave us a comment and we’ll do our best to update in
a timely manner. 


If you have questions about the specific products from any of these hydroflight manufacturers, please do not hesitate to reach out to them directly. For
more information on the specific products Jetpack America offers, please refer to the Jetboard page in our Online Shop. 


For more detailed information, please refer to the manufacturers’ websites:


– Zapata Racing

– X-Jets

– FlyDive

– Defy Waterflight


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