Hydro-Fest 2017 – Hydroflight’s Best Athletes Together Again

Hydro-Fest 2017


After an overwhelmingly successful event at Hydro-Fest 2016, the talk immediately after the event turned to what the plans were for Hydro-Fest 2017
(some of the hydroflight athletes were even hoping for another event at Lake Spring Mountain before the end of the summer…little did they
know the work it takes to pull off an event of that magnitude).


Our goal was to schedule Hydro-Fest 2017 for another early June weekend like we did last year, but with everything that’s been going on and our goals
to make this year’s event even bigger and better than last year’s, we’ve realized we’re going to need a little more time to do it right, so we
are now looking at an end-of-season event out at Lake Spring Mountain in late September or early October to help wrap things up in style.


As many of you know, Jetpack America was acquired by FlyDive in mid-January, so we’ve been very busy with the integration activities between the two
companies. We plan to build the biggest and best hydroflight company in the world and we have some very big things in the works, which we’re excited
to share with everyone. FlyDive turned the industry upside down by announcing the new price for the X-Board of just $2995. With this new price,
we’ve seen a wave of new board orders and we expect to see FlyDive boards flying all over the world this summer and, inevitably, at Hydro-Fest


Additionally, FlyDive’s acquisition of Aquafly was announced, which further expands the joint
company’s reach, especially in the event and competition space, which is only going to help with our planning of future events such as Hydro-Fest.
Read the full FlyDive-Aquafly acquisition press release here: http://www.prnewswire.com/…/fast-evolving-watersport-compan…


Our goal at Jetpack America has always been to teach the world to fly, no matter what you’re flying, but anything that can be done to make it more
affordable is good for all of us in this industry, so we’re very excited about this new board price and we’re eager to see if the other manufacturers
will follow suit. We’ve also revamped our rental pricing model and we’re now offering first-time flights for under $100. Bottom line, whatever
we can do to make this sport more affordable will help bring many more people into it!


Our vision for Hydro-Fest 2017 continues to be a competition and expo that brings the best hydroflight athletes in the world together to have some
fun and expose the world to the sport that we all love so much. And part of this vision requires the open format that everyone seems to appreciate.


The other reason our Hydro-Fest planning has been put on hold is the legal wrangling that’s still going on within the hydroflight industry. The ongoing
lawsuits have unfortunately taking away from our ability to focus our time and energy on fun projects like Hydro-Fest. We’ve made good progress
and we’re hoping to strike some good, industry-wide deals in the near future, so we can put the lawsuits behind us and start working together to
grow this industry to where it needs to be. Until we all start working together, from the manufacturers all the way to the athletes, we will only
be stifling our own growth and success.


We’re excited to see everyone all of the hydroflight athletes and fans at Hydro-Fest 2017, so hopefully everyone can be patient as we work to put together
an even better event than last year.


Thank you very much!

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