How to prepare for your jetpack adventure

How to prepare for your jetpack adventure

Jetpacking; the clue is in the name! Jetpacking involves being strapped to a device that dispenses 1,000 gallons of water per minute in order to lift you
into the air, either by yourself or as a tandem passenger to a flight instructor. It sounds very technical, but looks and feels absolutely out of this
world. Forget science fiction, water jetpacks are the very best way to experience flight as a regular human being.


The great thing about jetpacking is that it’s suitable for a range of ages, from five years of age for tandem flights, to fourteen years and above for
solo flights; it’s adrenaline-fueled fun for all of the family. Jetpacking is also inclusive of a range of disabilities and allows almost everybody
to experience the weightlessness and freedom of flight – not to mention the fact that it’s tremendous fun as well. Jetpacking over water can fulfill
the oldest childhood dream of flight, introduce adrenaline junkies to a new realm of possibilities, and ensure that those who simply want to see a
little more of the world can do so. Don’t worry if you’re not a huge fan of action, as jetpacking can be as thrilling or sedate as you want it to be
– you’re sure to have a great time once you’re up there. Even better, there are a range of locations on
offer, including San Diego, Newport Beach, and Las Vegas, that will make for an amazing holiday experience on either side of your jetpack adventure.

Preparing for your jetpack adventure

So, we’ve established that jetpacking is incredible fun, but how should you prepare for that first adventure? While some restrictions,
such as height, weight and age limits, do apply, jetpacking can be undertaken by virtually anybody, regardless of qualifications, fitness, or strength.
The ability to swim isn’t required, although a level of comfort in the water is certainly helpful, given where you’ll be flying. It is recommended
that flyers have relatively good eyesight, although glasses can be secured with specialist sports’ strapping, and it’s also handy to mentally prepare
yourself for the journey ahead; you’ll want to enjoy it, after all. If you’re choosing a jetpack flight as a means to overcome a fear of heights, it
is worthwhile mentioning the fact to your instructor. The instructor will be able to talk you through the process in-depth and provide a little advice
about how to make the most of your trip. That aside, think about the freedom you’re about to experience, the sights you’ll see from above the water,
and the elation you’ll no doubt begin to feel. Take a deep breath, and fly.


It’s natural for first-time flyers to wonder what sort of clothing they’ll need to wear; wet suits are required – you’re flying above water, after all
– but if you don’t have your own, you are welcome to rent one from your flight center for a small fee. If you’re particularly concerned about keeping
your body protected or would like to add that extra layer of armor between yourself and the water, compression wear, such as Tommie Copper compression,
is ideal to keep your muscles and joints supported throughout your jetpack experience, particularly if you’re likely to be entering the water at speed.
Tommie Copper’s homepage features a variety of products, many of which would be well suited for your first
jetpack adventure.


We, as a nation, are always looking for new thrills, the next adventure, and even bigger and better ways to keep ourselves entertained. You may have scaled
some of the highest mountains, experienced the thrill of a sky dive or bungee jump, or spend your weekends undertaking some of the most adrenaline-fueled
sports known to man, but what do you do when that’s not enough any more? Jetpacking, which is as exciting as it sounds, is a fantastic way to spend
any afternoon – whatever your age or disposition!

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