Help Save Jetpacking in Newport Beach!

On May 12th, the Newport Beach City Council will vote on the long-term status of “water-propelled vessels” (aka water jet packs) in Newport Harbor, due to a small minority of residents who expressed concern over the noise and safety of the operation. Although Jetpack America has an impeccable safety record and the noise levels have been found to be well within legal and acceptable ranges for the hours of operation, the council still must make a decision on the status. 
To show your support for the sport and industry of jetpacking, please email the Newport Beach City Council. For simplicity, we’ve created some sample text for your email below, which you can copy and paste into an email as your starting point. From there, feel free to add your own context. 
The email addresses of the Newport Beach City Council:,,,,,

Members of the Newport Beach City Council, 

I am writing you this letter to show my direct support of Jetpack America to demonstrate that the vast majority of Newport Beach residents, as well as out of town visitors, are in support of allowing jetpacks to continue operating in Newport Harbor.  

It was my belief based on what has transpired on this issue to date that the idea that this activity would be banned outright was not at all likely. I believe an outright ban, like the recent fire ring ban, is not a well-reasoned and fair approach to dealing with an item such as this. 

As a Jetpack America supporter, I can attest to the quality of the operation and its unique draw for locals and tourists alike. 

The beauty of Newport Harbor is centered around the varied activities that can be enjoyed on the water, from sailboats to paddle boards and Duffy boats to jetpacks and wedding boats to waterfront dining. Allowing one responsible, city-regulated jetpack operator in a non-residential area of the harbor seems like a reasonable compromise for the city and its residents. 

While there have been some outspoken opponents of the jetpack operations in the harbor, they are a small minority. The vast majority of Newport Beach residents and tourists support this recreational activity, with many of us specifically seeking it out to either participate or share the experience with family and friends. 

Thank you for your consideration. 

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