H2RO Hydroflight World Rankings


It has been an exciting year of hydroflight competitions. This year saw the inaugural Hydro-Fest competition amaze spectators as it hosted the most diverse
line-up of jetpack, jetboard and jetbike riders ever to compete. Our friends at H2RO Magazine, a leading source of news and entertainment for all things
hydroflight, has compiled their list of the top hydroflight athletes in the world. H2RO covers most of the hydroflight events around the world and
produces some amazing videos that really highlight how amazing the hydroflight athletes are. Here are the latest rankings the experts at H2RO have
put together: 


Mens Jetboard:


Women’s Jetboard:


Veteran’s Jetboard (40+)


Jetpack Pilots


Jetbike Riders


To check out the gear that the pros are using, take a look at the Jetpack America Shop. Jetbike
Champion Joey Natale is riding the Jetovator Jetbike. Jetpack Champion Jesse Orlando trades off between an old Jetlev jetpack and the newer X-Jets Jetpack. World #1
ranked jetboard rider, Hunter Verlander uses the Jetblade, by X-Jets. And the top female rider, Gemma Weston flies the
Flyboard Pro by Zapata


Thanks to H2RO for putting this list together and providing the world with such awesome hydroflight



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