GoPro High Definition Video Footage

If you’re looking for a good way to capture and document your Jetlev Flight Experience, you should take advantage of our GoPro High Definition Video Footage packages that we offer.

You can choose single or double angle packages to give you two unique perspectives of your flight. The helmet cam gives a first-person perspective of your flight so you can show your friends and family (and Facebook and Twitter) exactly what it was like for you to fly the Jetlev. The control arm cam gives a fish-eye view of you, the water below and the sky above, showing every facial expression, from the joy of first flight to the surprise before an unexpected plunge into the water.

The perfect package is the GoPro double angle package, which gives you both perspectives, so you can create a full 360-degree video of the whole experience.

If you want to see what you can do with the video footage, check our our First-Person Perspective Video and our Double Angle GoPro Promo Video that we’ve posted on YouTube.

If you’re booking a flight, be sure to add the GoPro footage. If you’ve already purchased a flight (or received a gift certificate from a friend or loved one), be sure to add the GoPro package to your flight to memorialize it forever!

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