Good Day LA and Gilt City Host Jetpack America

On the morning of Monday, February 10th, Good Day LA and Gilt City hosted Jetpack America at the Fox KTTV Studios in Los Angeles to feature an exclusive offer that Gilt City is running through Valentine’s Day, where Gilt City subscribers can get up to 55% off jetpack flight packages for their loved ones. 

The lovely ladies from Good Day LA (Lisa Breckenridge, Maria Quiban, Julie Chang and Araksya Karapetyan) joined Gilt City curator Jamie Krell to discuss the great Valentine’s Day offers that Jetpack America is offering through

Lisa Breckenridge even strapped into the jetpack, with the help of Jetpack America president Dean O’Malley, to take it for a “test flight” right there in the parking lot, proclaiming, “I’m so doing this for real, I asked Josh if I can do a live shot.” Hopefully a Good Day LA live segment, with Lisa and Steve Edwards flying above the waters of Newport Beach Iron Man-style, isn’t too far in the future.

The jetpack flight experiences being offered by Jetpack America and Gilt City are the perfect gift for the adventure lover or extreme athlete, or anyone who’s simply bored with the same old jet ski ride, paddleboard rental or skydiving experience…but the great thing about the jetpack is the accessibility, with everyone from 16 to 85 years, amputees and even several paraplegics and a quadriplegic having flown over Jetpack America’s three year history. 

The details of the offer can be found below and click the link to watch the segment for yourself: 

Package 1
Jetlev Flight Experience for One

Package 2
Jetlev Flight Experience for Two

Package 3
Jetlev Flight Experience for Four

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