Getaway San Diego Blog Post on Jetpack America

If you could have annnnnny super power for a day, what would it be?  If you’re like the majority of people you immediately thought “flying!” 
Well, you’re in luck.  Thanks to Jetpack America you can fly, you can fly, you can fly!

But wait, there’s more!  Not only does the water propulsion jetpack let you soar 30 feet above Mission Bay, but you can also run along the water,
zoom through the waves on your belly, dive below the surface and launch into the air like Flipper.  It is awesome!

Jetpacking is exciting, but also easy and safe to do. Before your flight you watch an instructional video then practice with the Jetpack America crew in
a simulator.

Once you’re comfortable with the operation of the jetpack you’re cloaked with a lifejacket and helmet.

The helmet has a one-way radio from an on-shore controller who will watch your entire flight, control your throttle, and give you instructions along the
way to ensure you have a fun and safe jetpack adventure.

Your controller can also safely return you to the surface of the water at any time. After you have all of your safety gear on and know where all the emergency
exits are located, you’re cleared for take off!

The Jetpack America crew secures you into a jetpack
in the water that resembles Buzz Lightyear and makes you involuntarily exclaim, “To infinity and beyond!”

Once that is out of the way, with the press of a button your jetpack is humming and you can not help but giggle like a school girl.  With an ever-so-slight
lowering of your arms you’re up, up and away!

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Rise Up Like a Superhero!

You control your up and down motion with tiny, relaxed movements of your arms, and you turn by simply looking in the direction you want to go.

Lower your arms slightly and up you go, climbing the “stairway to heaven” to beautiful views high above Mission Bay.  Hold your arms level to the
surface to walk on water – no faith required!

From your belly you can raise your arms to submerge yourself, zooming along under the water like a dolphin.

At any time during your 20 minute flight you can let go of the right handle and you’ll be safely returned to the surface where you’ll float until you’re
ready to continue your flight.

In addition to your on-shore controller, a Jetpack America crew member jetskis beside you filming your experience and making sure you’re always safe and having a blast.

Jetpack America is an incredible adrenaline rush, epic superhero experience, and undeniably unique water sport all wrapped into one amazing activity. 
It is definitely a “must-try” San Diego adventure for tourists and locals alike.  Check it out, and tell them Getaway Girl Alisa sent you!  

By: Alisa Kerr

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