Get Ready for some DAREDEVIL Flying! Flugtag September 21st in Long Beach!

 Are you ready for Red Bull Flugtag 2013? I know we are! The event starts this Saturday at Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach at 10am. Jetpack America’s expert pilots Josh Hanson and Chris Herman will get the show going at around 11:40am displaying the most advanced jetpack skills including flips, twists, submarines and high speed donut turns. The event is FREE to the public.

Flugtag is a yearly event where participants launch themselves in the air  on self-made flying devices. Flugtag events have been held around the world with a draw of about 500,000 annually. Various teams will compete with their flying contraptions for the FREE event.

The Jetpack Team has been practicing hard for Red Bull Flugtag and this will be our most daring performance to date. Please come out and support us for this incredible event. Also, look for our beautiful Jetpack America girls Johnnie and Chelsi who will be giving away discounted flights if you attend the event.

Check out this AWESOME video of expert Jetpack America flyer Josh Hansen showing off his back flips!

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