Fun Ideas for Your Bachelor (or Bachelorette) Party!

Looking for something fun to do for your Orange County bachelor or bachelorette party, but want to avoid the cliche party themes of bikini bar and strippers?  Check out some fun creative ideas we found! 

  • Casinos
    Now in Southern California there are many casinos between San Diego and Orange County to choose from.  Most of them are a little bit inland from the beach.  But if you want to gamble and don’t want to make the crazy trip to Vegas, this may be a more suitable option! Click here
    for a list of featured Southern California casinos. If you’d like to practice a bit for free or for small change, you can try the online version
    of casinos
  • Wine or Beer Tasting

    From San Diego to Temecula there is a bunch of places to go wine and beer tasting, whatever suits your fancy! If you are heading up towards Temecula they offer wine tours to a few different wineries.  And San Diego is home to many breweries, and they also offer brewery tours that allow you to hop around to a few different breweries
  • Camping at the Beach

    For a relaxing fun bachelor/bachelorette weekend, trying camping on the beach!  Although, this is more ideal during the summer months.  There are so many locations that allow you to choose a variety of  different types of camping.  Check out this site with list of the beach camping hot spots!
  • Rent a Party Bus!

    If you don’t want to be bound to your location, this option is perfect.  You can even make a game out of it like 9 hole golfing.  Make everyone dress up, and try to hit all “9 holes” before the night is over. Or even create a scavenger hunt to make the night really interesting! Yelp has a great list of party bus companies in the area.
  • Night at the Improv!

    A good laugh might be just what your group needs!  Check out some local improv sites and see who is playing when you want to hold your event.  Laughing with friends is always a great way to spend an evening!
  • Golfing or a Spa Day

    Not all girls like to golf, and not all guys like getting pampered for the day.  But what about doing a coed day where the guys can go golfing and the girls can get pampered.  Then everyone can meet up for dinner and a night out on the town.  Many golf resorts also offer spa services as well, so it could even be held at the same location.  A few that offer both locally are the Resort at Pelican Hill, St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort, and La Costa Resort and Spa.
  • Get your Adrenaline Going!

    Skydiving and bungee jumping are always adrenaline filled fun activities to do with a group.  Jumping off a bridge, or out of a plane is definitely a good way to get your juices flowing.  Take a leap before you take the plunge! 

If you are looking for something different, memorable and adventurous, then look no further!  Jetpack America offers packages to suit all of your bachelor/bachelorette party needs!  Nothing says freedom like soaring over the ocean on a jetpack ride in Orange County or San Diego.  

Want to make it coed?  This is definitely something that would be fun for both the ladies and the men. So if you’re looking to plan a “Jack and Jill”, get your bathing suit on and come down for the ride of a lifetime!   To book now click here.  


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