Flydive and Jetpack America are Now One Company!


Jetpack America joins hydroflight industry leader, Flydive Inc. to form the world’s most experienced and forward-thinking hydroflight company. The announcement
was made on January 12, 2017 that Flydive Inc., a hydroflight device manufacturer, would be acquiring Jetpack America. The two companies share a strong
mission to bring the experience of hydroflight to as many people as possible. Both companies have proven their dedication to that mission. Jetpack
America has shown its commitment to sharing the thrill of hydroflight by flying over 30,000 people, providing the safest and most exhilarating experience
possible. Flydive has increased the accessibility of hydroflight unlike any other hydroflight device manufacturer, by creating the X-Board, the easiest
hydroflight board to fly, and pricing it far below the other major jetboard manufacturers. 


Jetpack America, will now be flying Flydive X-Boards at 2 rental locations, In Pahrump, NV (60 minutes outside of Las Vegas) and San Diego. We believe
that using the X-Board will push our customer experience to the next level! Unlike ever before, our flights will be fun for the whole family – all
ages and skill levels will be able to fly above the water in ways they never dreamed possible! The 2017 rental season opens in March and flight bookings
are already starting to fill up. To reserve your flight time on the new X-Board CLICK HERE to go to our Booking Page.

The Full Press Release for Flydive, Inc’s acquisition of Jetpack America reads:



SAN DIEGO, Jan. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — FlyDive, a leading U.S. manufacturer of recreational hydroflight watersports
products, today announced the acquisition of Jetpack America, an industry leader in hydroflight experience rentals and product sales, for an undisclosed




Founded in 2011, Jetpack America was one of the pioneers in the emerging hydroflight industry, providing water
jetpack and jetboard sales and rentals in several locations in the Southwestern U.S., including San Diego, California and Pahrump, Nevada. The company
has been renting jetpack and jetboard experiences to recreational watersport customers since the inception of hydroflight, conducting more than 30,000
flights, and has become a leader in the industry. In the Summer of 2016, the company, led by owner Dean O’Malley, produced the largest open-format
hydroflight competition in the world, Hydro-Fest, featuring all major types of water-jet-powered products (such as jetpacks, jetboards and jetbikes)
piloted by top international athletes.




Jetpack America’s goal is to bring hydroflight experiences to the mass market of recreational watersports enthusiasts, and additionally to help other industry
resellers to become successful in renting and selling hydroflight products – they do this by empowering collaboration through a focus on highest quality
hydroflight instructional training and product expertise. Founder Dean O’Malley is looking forward to working closely with FlyDive management to develop
future business opportunities, strategic partnerships and best practices for growing FlyDive and Jetpack America business, and helping to further hydroflight
technology and product innovation aimed at advancing the industry.




“We are extremely excited about the strategic alignment between Jetpack America and FlyDive,” said Jetpack America owner Dean O’Malley. “Bringing Jetpack
America’s experience, industry knowledge and online sales strength together with FlyDive’s best-in-class equipment will combine the best of both worlds,
from top-notch rentals and training to industry leading equipment, marketing and distribution. Our customers have been incredibly impressed with the
easy-to-use FlyDive X-Board, preferring it over any other product we offer. We see tremendous opportunity working together, utilizing Jetpack America’s
rental operations as a proving ground for FlyDive, which will continue to innovate and lead the industry with user-friendly hydroflight products for
the mass market.”



“Our acquisition of Jetpack America opens up new opportunities for growth in the U.S. marketplace and beyond. Dean O’Malley has grown Jetpack America to
be a leader in hydroflight experience rentals, product sales, and instructional best practices for this fast-growing sport, and he will be instrumental
to the continued success of the business,” said Christos Nicolaidis, CEO of FlyDive. “Dean shares our vision for growth in the industry, and we look
forward to having him as an integral member of the FlyDive team, as we pursue expansion. This acquisition will bolster FlyDive’s ability to better
serve dealers, rental operators, customers and athletes throughout the industry. The San Diego location at Mission Bay will afford us the ability to
rent hydroflight experiences to watersports customers, provide demos for new dealers and hold group and corporate events. The Pahrump, Nevada location,
with it’s private lake resort venue, will enable testing and development of new technology as well as production of large scale spectator events. This
acquisition is a very strong step toward diversifying revenue and equipping FlyDive for healthy growth into the future.”


“We’re delighted to announce this great addition to our portfolio of companies alongside leaders such as FlyDive,” said Jim Plante, Founder of Thynk Capital.
“We’re excited to see what the combined powers of Jetpack America and FlyDive can do together to grow the hydroflight market. The U.S. market comprises
approximately 60% of all personal watercraft sales (which power hydroflight products), and with the synergy between FlyDive and Jetpack America, both
headquartered here in the United States, along with the backing of Thynk Capital, the potential growth for the companies looks strong.”


Safe Harbor Statement: This press release contains comments that are “forward looking” statements that involve risks and uncertainties; these statements are subject to the safe harbor created by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Any number of important factors could cause actual results to differ materially from anticipated results, including, but not limited to, the potential for the acquisition to not close by the anticipated date, or at all, due to a variety of factors, including due diligence review.


About FlyDive, Inc. FlyDive is a San Diego-based manufacturer focused on design, engineering and sales of innovative Hydroflight products.
The company is driven by its mission to make Hydroflight easy, safe and accessible for everyone. The company has grown into a global innovation leader
in Hydroflight, developing proprietary designs that deliver exceptional, easy-to-learn Hydroflight experiences, and holding the most comprehensive
patent portfolio in the industry. With its unparalleled distribution, safety training and instruction systems, dealer support and service, FlyDive
has become the choice of premier powersports and marine retailers, rental operators and watersports product distributors. Learn more at



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