Flyboard Pilot Extinguishes Boat FIre


We are used to seeing superheroes fly around in the movies while “saving the day”. Well, on July 31st, 2016 a real life flying hero saved the day–on a
water Jetboard! Boaters on a lake in Minnesota fled their boat when it caught on fire. It didn’t take long before a quick-thinking jetboard pilot saw
an opportunity to be a hero. Flying 20 feet above the flaming boat, the skilled jetboard pilot maneuvered his water jets to douse the flames, preventing
further damage to the boat. If you’ve ever tried flying a water jetpack or jetboard, you know that the moves this pilot pulled-off were pretty amazing.
The pilot is using the Flyboard by Zapata as his fire extinguisher and he is controlling
the jet ski’s throttle with a Wireless Throttle Kit. Pretty awesome stuff!
Here’s a new idea!—maybe we’ll see fire departments start outfitting their firefighters with jetboards! 

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