Flyboard Mobile Game?…Never Thought I’d See That!

We are pretty big fans of flyboarding here at Jetpack America. Between our equipment sales and rental operations, hydroflight is almost always on our minds.
I have to admit, though, that the thought never crossed my mind that I would want a flyboard game on my phone, HA. The pic above is from Android OS
game “Flyboard Water Stunt Simulator”. This game appears to have been developed in India, where there are a lot of flyboard fans. I actually wonder
which country loves flyboarding the most…we get website traffic, emails, web chats and phone calls from all over the world, including India, Chile,
Angola, Malaysia, etc. etc. showing that there are fans of flyboarding and hydroflight across the globe.


Hydroflight sports are still in their infancy, with new products, designs and manufacturers constantly shifting the landscape. Flyboards,
X-Boards, Jetblades, Jetbikes,
etc. are all pushing the sport in new directions. So, while this game might not be the biggest production (see screenshot pics below :] ) and might
not be getting a million dollar budget to become the next X-Box craze, it is still cool to see a fan of the sport make a game that they think people
might enjoy. Every little bit of progress helps make hydroflight sports even more accessible and fan friendly. On that same note, we are very excited
to see how many new fans are made when the Hydro-Fest Documentary
get its television release later this month. Cheers to seeing the sport we love continue to grow!


Some Screen Shots from “Flyboard Water Stunt Simulator”. Maybe if it gets a bunch of downloads, they’ll put more money into version 2.0 :) Version 1.0
might have some accuracy flaws, ha. (Google Play Store)


The game’s description:




“Have you ever dreamed to tame the wave and ride on it like a mermaid? Check Flyboard Water Stunt Simulator – great app for all, who love extreme sports simulators!


Put on your flyboard and raise up over the columns of seething water jets! Tumble and whirl, hurtle through the air and perform different tricks and stunts! Feel as a pilot of a real flyboard with

Flyboard Water Stunt Simulator!


Pilot your speed flyboard over the ocean’s surface and check two game modes – freeride mode, where you should fly as long as you can, and contest mode, where you should collect stars and checkpoints while flying as fast as you can to get the best result! Feel as a real personal extreme athlete – dive, tumble, hurtle, whirl and get fun!


Rush through the air above the water chasing your personal watercraft (jet ski) and earn points to unlock new types of the flyboard or new locations to explore! Complete all tasks and become the world champion of this bright, modern and dangerous sport!


Enjoy the flight, feel the adrenaline, and have fun with Flyboard Water Stunt Simulator!


Flyboard Water Stunt Simulator features:
• Ultimate modern extreme sports simulator
• Two game modes
• Many unlockable locations


Feel the water pumping inside your flyboard and fly free! Download Flyboard Water Stunt Simulator and enjoy the extreme without leaving your room!”







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