Flyboard Air by Zapata Racing


Franky Zapata, once again, amazed the world with a new invention. This time with the new device he’s calling the Flyboard Air, which is essentially a Flyboard
that uses a small turbine engine to propel the pilot into the air versus the original Flyboard version, which uses a jet ski engine to pump water up
a 23-meter hose. The new invention frees the pilot to fly as high as he wants, now that he is no longer tethered by the hose. 


Details are still spotty and it remains unclear what Zapata’s long-term vision of the device will be, but the internet is buzzing, with many naysayers
claiming the new viral videos of the Flyboard Air are, in fact, faked. If nothing else, it’s a great publicity stunt to bring attention to the company,
just as the summer season is kicking off and people may be looking to purchase their watercraft toys for their lake houses. 


Here are just a few questions we’ve received after posting the Flyboard Air video on our social media channels…


– How can I buy one? 

– Will we be offering Flyboard Air flights at Jetpack America rental locations? 

– How much does it cost? 

– How does the Flyboard Air work?

– Can you do a backflip on it the way you can on the water-propelled version? 

– When will there be a demo in the United States? 

– What will Franky Zapata come up with next?


We don’t have the answers to these questions…yet, but we’re inquiring along with everyone else to our contacts at Zapata Racing. 






As more information is received on the new Flyboard Air by Zapata Racing, we will be updating this story, so stay tuned for more details! 



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