Flown a Jetpack Lately? Things to Do in Newport Beach, CA

If you live in Orange County, you know that there’s always that desire here to find the next big thing. If the latest fashion or car or recreational activity has been found, WE want to try it FIRST! And of course, we want to tell EVERYONE about it.

What’s the downside of living in “the OC” and always trying the latest thing? Sometimes we run out of stuff to try.

Just imagine yourself at the water cooler on Monday morning as everyone talks about their weekend at the movies or a game, or even their latest Netflix marathon. When your co-workers ask what you did over the weekend and you get to say, “I flew a water jetpack”, no one will be able to compete with you!

So, have you flown a jetpack lately? No? Then what are you waiting for!? You should definitely book a flight experience with a water jetpack in Newport Beach!

The best part about bragging to your friends about flying a jetpack? Purchase our video package and you will have proof! That’s right, show the video to ALL your family, friends, co-workers, strangers – ANYONE! And if you get 200 or more views of your video, we will give you a FREE 20 minute returning pilot flight!

So what’s not to love? Bragging rights? Beautiful water jetpack flight video footage? Perhaps some social media fame? And whenever anyone is looking for things to do in Newport Beach you can tell them to rent a water jetpack with Jetpack America and have the thrilling experience of a lifetime!

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