First Newport Beach Flight Center a HUGE SUCCESS!

On Friday August 19th, had it’s first official flight center training. Eric Cunningham, Richard Walker, and Alan Pirie were our first students to take flight in beautiful Newport Beach.

They checked in at our Newport office at West Coast Marine at 12:30pm. By 1pm, they were all taken to a nearby beach for ground instruction. Ryan McDonnell was their instructor and spent time going over how to use Jetlev control arms, throttle, and other safety instructions to ensure all our students were comfortable in preparation for their first flight.

Eric Cunningham, whose wife bought him a flight experience for their anniversary,  was the first to volunteer and was very excited to get off the ground and up in the air. Since Eric is an airplane pilot he knew his previous flight experience was going to aid him in learning how to maneuver the jet pack in the air. Wearing a helmet with radio capability, he could hear the instructor in his ear and he was very relaxed as he entered the water. He took instruction so well, he was up in the air in a matter of minutes. He had no problems maneuvering the Jetlev and quickly leaned how to taxi around the harbor in no time.

The second up in the air was Alan Pirie who is from Scotland. After watching Eric’s successful flight, he was very enthusiastic to get up in the air. Since Alan is very comfortable in water, he was also able to successfully maneuver the Jetlev within minutes and made his way around the harbor with ease. Upon arriving back on the beach he exclaimed his flight was such a rush and one of the most exciting experiences he ever had.

Last, but certainly not least, to fly was Richard Walker. Richard, originally from Scotland, traveled all the way from Brazil to take part in the Jetlev training. Since he had previous experience kite-boarding, he was confident his water skills would come in handy on his first flight. While in the water, he immediately was at ease with the jetpack and effortlessly made his way through the harbor with a huge smile on his face.

All of the pilots were able to have a second flight where they improved their skills and were able to gain more height and speed while flying. At the end of the training, they were asked how they felt about their first Jetlev experience and they all stated it exceeded their expectations. Each one of them said they were READY TO FLY AGAIN!

We will be posting picture from the first flight training soon. Please check back.

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We look forward to flying with you!

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