Finding The Right Holiday Gifts for the Adrenaline Junkie in SoCal: A Water Jetpack Lesson You Say?

When stuck with coming up with a gift idea for that adrenaline junkie in your life, it is easy to hit a roadblock!  As your extreme sports gurus, we compiled a list that might help you pick out that perfect gift for the man (or totally awesome & exciting woman) in your life that has everything and needs a rush.

We’ve added some local links for ease below. We’re in San Diego & Newport Beach, so you’ll find SoCal recommendations here. But you’ll be able to find many of these thrilling activities right near you across the nation. 🙂

  1. Auto Racing/Auto Stunt Driving School

  2. Skydiving

  3. Bungee Jumping

    • Another classic, bungee jumping will make your heart race as you jump over various landscapes and are taken mere feet from the ground.

  4. Zipline Tours

    • This may require a bit of travel depending on your location.  You can zip through the   rainforests of Costa Rica, or the mystical scenery of Hawaii or even through the Catalina Island area!  Race down a zipline and get that heart pumping from station to station!

  5. Paintball/Shooting Range

    • Get your war paint on and your tactics ready as you and a team battle to get the flag in a paintball extravaganza.  Fun for everyone and even big groups.

    • If you need a little more reality, head to the shooting range where you can enjoy shooting many different types of guns and ammo to get you going!

  6. Water Jetpack/Hydro Jetpack (Hoverboard)

So take these ideas and make someone’s extreme holiday wishes come true!

Ready to get started? Click here to purchase a gift certificate or even the flight now. You can schedule easily after your gift is opened. 🙂  

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