Escape Routes Reality Show – Jetlev Challenge

Set your DVRs! Jetlev will be featured as a challenge on the new reality show, Escape Routes, which pits six teams of two against each other in a series of challenges, one of which will involve the Jetlev. The pairs received just one hour of Jetlev training before they were unleashed on an obstacle course where they had to perform a series of water-based tasks in order to complete them in a minimum amount of time.

The NBC show will air at 8pm Saturday, April 21st, so mark your calendar and set your DVR. (Update: If you missed the show, check out the contestants talking about Jetlev after they experienced it on YouTube).

You may have seen Jetlev on the recent Lenova laptop commercials, where Jetlev inventor and Jetlev Technology, Inc. CEO Raymond Li was featured as a man who realized his dream of personal jetpack flight using his Lenovo laptop to design the Jetlev. It’s been featured prominently on channels such as ESPN and CNN. Escape Routes is just the next place you’ll see it in an inevitably long line of shows and commercials.

As word spreads about the Jetlev and as production ramps up, you’re going to start seeing the Jetlev everywhere, from your favorite vacation destination to network television shows and blockbuster movies.

If you haven’t flown the Jetlev and experienced it for yourself, why not book your Jetlev Flight Experience today? If you already have a Groupon or gift certificate, use our Online Flight Scheduler to reserve your flight time.

See you in the sky!

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