Doritos and Avengers ask "Are you bold?"

On Friday, March 13th, Alex and Max were walking on the Las Vegas strip looking to celebrate Max’s 21st birthday. On that same day,
Doritos sent a polished man in a suit to the Las Vegas strip as well. Doritos goal was to obtain an expectantly
sole who could throw caution to the wind and come out to jet pack Las Vegas with Jetpack America to fly like Ironman. While Alex and Max were enjoying
the beautiful sights of Las Vegas they were unexpectedly approached by this polished man in a suit who asked them, “are you feeling bold?” Alex replied
confidently with a “yes.” Then the follow up question came… could he help out in testing a new propulsion system for the “Ironman suit”. Without
any hesitation Alex stated, “yes!” Then suddenly Alex and Max were off to Jetpack America to be part of the Doritos jetpack commercial for the new
Avengers Age of Ultron Movie.

Upon their arrival, Alex began his challenge. He was provided with the instructions he needed to complete his task. He was then suited up and strapped
into the jetpack propulsion system. Bravely, Alex entered the water and was off. He began his forward taxi, learning the suit’s capability, it’s turning
radius and the overall feel of how to control it by being one with the suit. Alex’s learning ability was strong, so much so that he was up and flying
out of the water within minutes. Alex reached flying heights of approximately twenty feet. While flying Alex was given a task of touching balloons,
which were approximately twenty feet in the air as well. The task was challenging as the wind blew the balloons around. However, Alex boldly accepted
this challenge and instead of just touching the balloons, he charged the balloons like a bulldog, grabbing all of them, popping one for a keepsake.
Subsequently, this caused Alex’s flight pattern to redirect straight into the water. He emerged from the water with a smile on his face and a sense
of accomplishment, only to be presented with the biggest surprise of the day…not only did he win a free jetpack Las Vegas flight experience, he and
Max were going to be jetting off to London, England to see the world premier of The Avengers Age of Ultron

Bottom line, when someone asks you if you’re bold, you say YES!  

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