Congratulations to our new Jetlev Southwest employees!

In preparation for a very big summer, Jetlev Southwest just completed its first round of hiring, so we’d like to formally congratulate our new employees:

Tom Bissell – Certified Flight Instructor

Josh Hanson – Instructor Assistant

Jeff Nelson – Instructor Assistant

James Gibeson – Instructor Assistant

These lucky individuals will be soaking up the warm Southern California sunshine all summer, perfecting their flying skills and sharing the experience of personal jetpack flight with the rest of the world.

As our operation continues to grow, they may be called upon to visit some of our new flight center locations, such as Grand Cayman, Maui, Singapore, and Tahiti, to help them open up their facilities. Life could be worse, that’s for sure!

Stop  by our office sometime to say hello or, better yet, book a flight so you can see how great they are with their training and customer service!

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