Conde Nast Traveler features where to fly a jetpack

Conde Nast Traveler recently wrote an article entitled “Where to Rent a Jetpack (Yes, Really)” promoting the various companies around the world offering the ability to rent the Jetlev jetpack, the Flyboard or the Jetovator. Not surprisingly, Jetpack America was featured prominently in the article, with mention of its three locations in Newport Beach, San Diego and Honolulu.

The article/pictorial with a series of ten photos gives a brief history of the evolution of the water jetpack, starting with Jetlev inventor Ray Li, who started tinkering with the idea back in 2000.

All three of the featured products use essentially the same technology, where a small boat unit or jet ski pumps up to 1000 gallons of water per minute up a 30-50 foot hose to propel riders into the air.

There is even mention of Jetpack America President Dean O’ Malley’s world record 26-mile flight from Newport Beach to Catalina Island back in 2012.

Another Jetlev operator, Relentless Watersports, of Miami and Ocean City, Maryland is mentioned as a prime flight center operator.

Corsica Flyboard and SeaSky in Belgium are Flyboard operators who are mentioned, describing how the board is strapped to the feet rather than a pack strapped to the back.

It describes the various tricks and maneuvers that can be pulled off with the different devices, but in general it simply describes the accessibility and growing interest around these products. 

The final product mentioned is the Jetovator, which is a bike device that riders sit upon, with multiple jets of water, which can propel you into the sky, but also skimming along the surface of the water.

No matter which product catches your eye (or maybe all of them), be sure to reach out to one of these operators to schedule your first-time flight package today! 

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