CNNMoney proclaims jetpacks are real. And they’re awesome!

CNNMoney's Matt Egan flying a jetpackCNNMoney article proclaims, “Jetpacks are real. And they’re awesome!CNNMoney writer Matt Egan made a trip from the East Coast to Jetpack America’s headquarters in Newport Beach to see what this new jetpack industry is all about and, like most first-time jetpack pilots, his one-word summary of the experience…”Thrilling!”

Egan writes, “My experience at Jetpack America in Newport Beach, Calif. was a lot of fun despite the somewhat unnerving initial feeling that naturally goes along with strapping on a 30-lb. pack and jumping into the water. After ten minutes, I was able to soar about 25 feet in the air and dive beneath the surface.”

The article focused on what it’s like to soar through the air with nothing but jets of water keeping you airborne, since that’s the first question most people ask when they hear about the new sport of jetpacking, but it also touched on the safety measures that are followed to make the experience safe while keeping it fun.

Since it was a CNNMoney article, Egan touched on the price of the equipment (initially up to $100,000 for a self-contained unit, now as little as $9500 for a jetpack system that can be attached to an existing jet ski) and the price of the flight lessons (available for as little as $99 for an introductory session).

With lower prices and increased awareness, the jetpack industry is set for take-off and Jetpack America is primed to be at the forefront of the growth, allowing first-timers and veterans alike the chance to make their superhero dreams become a reality.

See Matt’s first-time flight video to get an idea what can be expected and get an overview of how the jetpack system works. To book your own jetpack flight experience with Jetpack America, click HERE to view available flight packages and use Discount Code CNNMONEY to get 15% off at checkout. 

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