Club Jetlev Emerald Bay VIP Event

On Sunday, October 14th, several lucky Club Jetlev members embarked on the inaugural Club Jetlev VIP Event, which brought them to Emerald Bay in Laguna Beach. 

The members who joined were Neil Katz, Ed Valdez, John Geisser and Kim Pham, each of whom brought guests to enjoy the beautiful day out on the water. Jetlev Southwest staff members Chris Herman and Eric Luna were on hand to provide support and keep the event running smoothly. Captain Richard Quatrocchi navigated the boat from the Jetlev Southwest office, out of Newport Harbor and down the coast to Emerald Bay, where it was anchored for the day. 

The weather gods were obviously smiling down on the event, with temps in the mid-80’s and calm breezes throughout the day. 

Each person got to enjoy at least two flights while in the bay and Neil, Ed and John got to do some open-ocean flying, as they flew the Jetlev back to the harbor, giving them a new appreciation for the 26 miles that Jetlev Southwest president Dean O’Malley flew from Newport to Catalina back on September 29th (Click here for the Catalina story). 

Here are the photos that Neil Katz took during the event: 


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