Charlie Orchard Interview

Jetpack America isn’t only for one day of fun–you can come back and fly as many times as you want! We even have monthly memberships for people to come
back once or twice per month. This week, we interviewed one of our monthly members, Charlie Orchard, about his Jetpack America experience.



Question: What made you want to visit Jetpack America at first?

Charlie: I was coming out with a friend of mine–a recent platinum member who invited me for a free flight. I was looking for another sport that
involved fine muscle control. The other sport I’m really into, scuba diving, isn’t really about fine movements, but [like the jetpack], it’s about
how calm and steady you are in the water.

Question: How long have you been a monthly member? What made you want to become one?

Charlie: I’ve been a member for about a year and a half; I first flew in December 2013. I wanted to get into another sport, but I didn’t want
to get back into skydiving. I also wanted to conquer some of the fear I had when doing some of the more aggressive things, so I also enjoy pushing
myself through the anxiety. Fear and excitement are the same thing, it’s just about if you think what you’re doing is fun or not.

Question: What’s your favorite Jetpack America moment?

Charlie: My 8-year-old niece was doing [her second tandem flight], and I watched [the flight instructor] cautiously remove his arms from the handles
while my niece took control and they flew around the boat. It was really fun watching her fly with Trevor.

Question: What would be your advice for first-time pilots?

Charlie: Certainly patience! And trying not to have a death grip on the control arms. Be gentler than you’d think on the arms–think millimeters
or centimeters when moving them.

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