Breitling Flyboard Air Ad



Flyboard Air inventor Franky Zapata was featured in a new Breitling Flyboard Air ad, where he is shown flying his prototype hoverboard high above the rocky
shoreline below. Making high-speed passes and fast maneuvers, Zapata demonstrates his skills on the flying device, which fits well into the Breitling
brand, which focuses on aviation and precision. 


Breitling became a sponsor of the Flyboard Air, so hopefully this is just the first of many Flyboard Air ads that we may see. Zapata hopes to soon break
the 100mph barrier on the hoverboard, as well as climb to almost 10,000 feet. He’s already the world record holder for longest distance flown on a
hoverboard, a record he set shortly after unveiling the device. 


At this time, the Flyboard Air that Zapata is shown flying is the only one existence, but thousands of his water jetboard have been sold around the world.
The Flyboard Pro allows adventurers the ability to fly up to 50 feet in the air propelled by jets of water, which are pushed up a hose via a standard
jet ski. Click HERE to view the Flyboard Pro. 



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