Amputee Rodrigo Gonzalez Flies the Jetlev!

On October 27th, 2012, Jetlev Southwest made history once again, flying single-leg amputee Rodrigo Gonzalez. As part of our flight training, we emphasize the importance of letting your legs hang free and avoiding kicking them around while in the air. Rodrigo did a great job demonstrating just how little the legs play a part in stabilizing during flight. Instead, it’s just slight arm and shoulder movements to control up, down, right and left. 

Congrats to Rodrigo for being our first amputee pilot. Up next, we’re hoping to get a double-leg amputee out to give the Jetlev a try. 

Check out the video of Rodrigo’s flight below and, when you’re ready to get yourself airborne, click here to book your flight experience package or give us a call at (888) 553-6471. 

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