Advanced Maneuvers: Hovering



Greetings Jetpack Pilots!


Are you ready to begin your first lesson? We sure are!


First things first, remember to always listen to your instructor while attempting any and all of these maneuvers. Their main concern is your safety, and
we wouldn’t want anything to happen to you guys.


Okay, now that’s out of the way, let’s start on this first lesson! Hovers are essentially the stepping-stone to the rest of these advanced maneuvers.


On first flights, we normally don’t want our pilots to attempt hovers because they can be very unstable and can lead to crashes. However, now that you’ll
have at least one flight under your belt, you’ll be more experienced and comfortable with the controls.


To get to a hover, you’ll just slowly raise your arms up until they are at a complete 90-degree angle. Remember to do this slowly or else you will either
do an unintentional backflip or a partial yaw turn. Once you’re there, you will need to try and remain stable. Making small movements to adjust while
hovering is completely normal.


One helpful tip is marking a spot while trying to hover. This is when you focus on a landmark to stay in the same spot. This will also help you realize
when you’re slowly moving forward or side-to-side.


As you get more comfortable with low-level hovers, you can start hovering higher up and moving onto some of our more advanced maneuvers that we will be
going later on.


Next week, we’ll be going over yaw turns, so stay tuned for that!

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